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CG Artists! Messiah!

2011-02-08 15:07:52 by pupuhugr

This is def an opportunity you dont want to pass up!

Messiah is an amazing animation/rendering program that is doing a marketing campaign. Their normal version is down from 500 dollars to 10$ and their premium is down from 1k to 40$! If enough people buy it and the bar on the page fills up, everyone who bought the program gets the program for the money they paid, if the bar does not fill up, you receive your money back. This program is seriously amazing, and I really hope the cg artists on NG(few, but still there) don't pass this up.


2011-02-03 02:03:55 by pupuhugr

Banned on my b-day NG? cmooooon :[ I didnt mean to "fuel the fire" of a useless post. daym.

Low Rating for No Review.

2011-01-26 11:40:39 by pupuhugr

As an artist I can very much say that seeing your rating on a piece go from 5 to 1 from multiple people, is troublesome. No, not because I'm thinking "Oh shit, my art sucks." More of because, "oh no, they think it sucks but they didn't leave a review, they didn't tell me why the don't like it.

I in no way post in the art portal to try and be the best artist on Newgrounds, because I definitely am not, by far. I post my art to get critiqued by you great people, and sure, a nice voting always helps my self esteem, but thats beyond the point. So, if you spend the little time it takes to tell me what you think about the piece, I'll definitely spend the time to read it.

-Love you guys.

Horror movies...

2010-12-02 15:55:05 by pupuhugr

They definitely aren't the same as they used to be. It seems thought, creativity, and a pure form of suspense have been almost completely replaced with blood, gore and sex. I just watched a short film by David Lynch called "The Grandmother", made in the 1970,s... I don't remember the last time Ive been so freaked out watching a film.

Horror movies...

hello everyone!

2010-11-29 15:01:02 by pupuhugr

Hey guys! Ive been going on and off f new grounds for a couple of years now, but never was fully into the community. I hope to share my art with all of you now and to be more active. Thanks for everything!